Cervical Orthosis

These are orthopedic appliances used to support the neck.

Spinal Orthosis

A support for the lower or upper part of your back. They commonly look like corsets and can be made to connect the whole spine.


Ankle Foot Orthosis & Knee AFO are calipers used to support you whole legs, typically from your thighs down to your ankles.


We specialise in creating and adapting footwear for our clients and are able to make any shoes look & feel the part.

Deciding What You Want

When it comes to choosing your orthosis, have a rough idea of what it is you are after. This will help us later on when in the making to create accurately what it is you are after. You can find lots of information of the products we offer (see right) as well as the looks/styles of each orthosis on the Internet.

Contact Us

When you know what you are after, visit our contact page, and you can reach us by email or through our sites message box. When contacting us via email, we ask if you can attach images of the kind of look you are after so that we can begin to asses what we will need to make.

The making process

Once we have an idea of what you are after, we will begin creating your item/s. Depending on the product, we will ask you for measurements and sizes to specification. You may also be needed to come for a fitting, but this is up to you.


KAFO Starting from £1195 (per leg).

AFO Starting from £350 (per leg).

Footwear Starting from £195.

Please enquire regarding other products & services.

Vintage Braces LTD has over 20 years experience in the orthotic industry and offers world-class bespoke recreational & theatrical orthotics. We are known for our old-school, vintage and classic styling. Our staff have been creating orthotics for years in our private workshop, willing to create whatever you like. Whether you want a vintage, classic, or modern look.

Vintage Braces

How To Begin 

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About Our Service

Recreational Orthotics

This site supplies orthopedic leg braces for theatrical and recreational purposes only!

Braces for real medical conditions can not be purchased through this site.

Every one of our orthotics are custom made-to-measure. Everything we create is done by professionals so customer satisfaction is guaranteed. 


​We are here to offer 100% support to our clients so that they get exactly what they want to the best we can provide.

Tailored For You

Everything we manufacture is hand crafted by experts in our private workshop, just the way you want it. 

Complete Discretion 

Please be assured of our complete discretion at all times.