Made-to-Measure Footwear

Our footwear comes either stock or half-finished, which lets us adapt them to suit your needs. This is why our made-to-measure footwear needs to have measurements taken before we create anything, so if you are interested in having shoes made for you, please book an appointment with us and we can have you seen and measured before beginning to manufacture your footwear.

Specialist Manufacture

We are one of the few remaining manufacturers capable of producing an O'Conner Extension. We can fabricate both single and double foot orthoses. Our manufacturing capability also offers the option of full leather welted footwear.

Adaptions & Repairs
We offer a full range of footwear repairs and adaptions to our manufactured and customers own footwear.  A variety of raises are available in many different materials and colours. An extensive range of coloured leather is kept in stock to match patients existing footwear wherever possible.

Metal / strap adaptions to footwear to accommodate other orthoses such as KAFO's and below the knee orthoses are available.

Recreational Orthotics

Vintage Braces